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Published on 24 April 2023 at 16:03

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Monday 22/05/23


Covid Rule Breach MP Ferrier's Appeal Against Commons Suspension Rejected


Sunday 21/05/23


SNP's Special Conference On Independence Gets New Date
Police Launch Probe Into Litany Of Sex Abuse Allegations Against Ex-SNP Council Chief Jordan Linden


Saturday 20/05/23


Compensation Threat If Bottle Return Scheme Axed - Yousaf


Friday 19/05/23


Scottish Government Taken To Court Over Fishing Practices


Thursday 18/05/23


Jenny Gilruth Accused Of Breaking Ministerial Code Over Scotrail Delay
Deposit Return Scheme Could Be Axed By End Of May Without Exemption


Wednesday 17/05/23


Scottish Secretary Alister Jack Will Not Run For Re-Election As MP

Humza Yousaf Received By King In Audience At Buckingham Palace


Tuesday 16/05/23


Former SNP MSP Claims Critics Of Nicola Sturgeon Faced 'Dirty Tricks' For Speaking Out

Alba's Kenny MacAskill Calls For Inquiry Into Crown Office Two-Week Delay Of Sturgeon Search Warrant


Monday 15/05/23


Scotland 'Can Never' Exist Again, Says Scottish Lib Dems Leader


Sunday 14/05/23


Sturgeon 'Absolutely' Failed to Improve Lives of Children, Says Commissioner

SNP Coalition With Scottish Greens Means Voters Believe They Are 'In Office But Not In Power'.


Saturday 13/05/23


Alex Salmond Writes To SNP And Greens In Call For Independence Convention


Friday 12/05/23


Alba Announce Conference Agenda With Independence And Cancel Culture In The Spotlight
Comedy Club U-Turns On Decision To Cancel Joanna Cherry Event


Thursday 11/05/23


Tory MP Boasts That Scotland's Oil & Gas Paid Half of All UK Energy Bills

'Hypocrite' Greens Minister Lorna Slater Shuns £9.40 Ferry And Hires Private Boat For Island Work Trip


Wednesday 10/05/23


Support For Scottish Independence And Alba Party Both Rising According To New Poll

Scandal-Plagued SNP's North Lanarkshire Operation 'Can't Be Fixed' Warns Whistleblower

SNP MP Who Questioned Party Finances Faces Selection Battle To Keep His Seat


Tuesday 09/05/23


Anas Sarwar Rules Out Coalition With SNP At Westminster


Mon 08/04/23


Lawyer Boycott Of Juryless Rape Trials 'To Be Unanimous'

SNP MP Joanna Cherry Threatens Legal Action Against Comedy Club After Show Cancellation


Sun 07/04/23


Police Consulted National Crime Agency About SNP Probe


Sat 06/04/23


Former FM Alex Salmond Leads Thousands Of Marchers In Call For Independence
Scottish Government Spent Almost £2m On Special Advisers


Fri 05/04/23


Scots Lawyers Vow To Boycott Plans For Juryless Rape Trials


Thursday 04/05/23


Westminster To Defend Block On Scottish Gender Reform

ALBA Launch Petition To Demand Free School Meals For All Scottish School Children


Wednesday 03/05/23


Alex Salmond Claims Joanna Cherry Treated 'Shamefully' After Fringe Show Is Cancelled

Humza Yousaf Faces Trade Union Backlash Over Free School Meals U-Turn

SNP Signs Contract With New Auditors AMS Accountants Group As Deadlines Loom


Tuesday 02/05/23


Scottish Colleges And Universities To Lose £46m That Was Pledged By Scottish Government


Monday 01/05/23


SNP MP Joanna Cherry Slams Edinburgh Comedy Club For 'No-Platforming' Her In Trans Row

Scotland Reacts As Public Urged To Pledge Allegiance To King Charles


Sunday 30/04/23


Yousaf Plans 'Honest And Frank Discussion' On How To Tackle Poverty

Cops Probing Money Left To SNP In Wills As Part Of Their Fraud Investigation


Saturday 29/04/23


SNP To Play Longer Game For Scottish Independence


Friday 28/04/23


Douglas Ross Backtracks On Tactical Voting Call


Thursday 27/04/23


Humza Yousaf Pledges To Investigate Soaring Cost of Barlinnie Prison Replacement

Alex Salmond Brings 'Wee Alba Book' Event To Kirkcaldy As Part Of Scottish Tour


Wednesday 26/04/23


Scotland's 'Not Proven' Verdict to Be Scrapped As Justice System Reforms Revealed


Tuesday 25/04/23


Former SNP Treasurer 'Didn't Know' About Purchase Of Luxury Motorhome

Update 8 Hours Later...

Ex-SNP Treasurer Says He WAS Aware Of Motorhome...But Not When It Was Purchased

Yousaf Tells Sunak To Agree To Indyref2 Amid 'Attacks On Devolution'

Nicola Sturgeon Breaks Silence on 'Worst Nightmare' & Says She Hasn't Spoken to Police


Monday 24/04/23


SNP Could Miss Out on £1.2m If Accounts Not Filed on Time

Greens Report Scottish Secretary Alister Jack To Commons Speaker Amid DRS Row


Sunday 23/04/23


SNP Fraud Investigation Cops Looking At Burner Phone Sim Cards, Luxury Pens And Fridge Freezer

Sturgeon 'Threatened To Seize Phones From Senior SNP Members Questioning Party Finances'


Saturday 22/04/23


Alba MP Kenny Macaskill Claims Scotland Will Be Sending £2trillion Of Energy To Rest Of UK By 2030

Douglas Ross Sparks Security Scare Over Toy Gun Sent To Scottish Parliament Office


Friday 21/04/23


SNP Support Slumps To Lowest Level Since Independence Referendum

'Scotland In Union' Boss Selected As Scottish Labor Candidate In Motherwell and Wishaw


Thursday 20/04/23

Yousaf Says, SNP Still Owe Money To Peter Murrell

Jim Sillars Speaks At Latest Alba Wee Alba Book Meeting In Arbroath


Wednesday 19/04/23

Colin Beattie Steps Down As SNP Treasurer After Arrest Over Party Finance Investigation


Tuesday 18/04/23


SNP Treasurer Colin Beattie Arrested By Police Investigating Party's Finances

Yousaf Announces Delay To Deposit Return Scheme As He Sets Out His Priorities


Monday 17/04/23

Plans To Double Council Tax For Second Home Owners

Nicola Sturgeon To Attend Scottish Parliament Virtually This Week

ALBA Party Claim Government Marine Conservation "Potentially Unlawful"