Virtual Wee ALBA Book meeting, hosted by ALBA International Branch, with speaker Alex Salmond


Posted by ALBA international branch on 4.9.2022

In 2014, Better Together claimed that independence could lead to an increase in household bills by £189 a year. Today as part of the UK, Scots face rises of £1,300+ a year. End the scandal of fuel-poor Scots in energy-rich Scotland. #ScottishIndependence2023 | #Indyref2

WATCH LIVE: Alba National Assembly: Defence and Security in an independent Scotland

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'Facts are chiels that winna ding' ALBA

Salvo - Sara Salyers intro to Salvo at Aye Aberdeen Yestival, Blue Lamp

54a Universitat Catalana d'Estiu

ALBA MPs Thrown Out Of Westminster: Scotland’s Voice Will be Heard

Posted by Alba Party, July 13


ALBA Party MPs Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill were today thrown out the Westminster Parliament for asserting Scotland's right to democracy.

Commenting ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said: 

Scotland’s mandate for an independence referendum must be respected. Scottish MPs are in Westminster to settle up for the people of Scotland, not to settle down. 

Why should we respect the rules of the House of Commons when Westminster will not respect Scottish democracy? People back home are sick and tired of the House of Commons dismissing the democratic right of Scotland to determine its own future. Scotland will not be held hostage by any UK Prime Minister, especially one on the fag end of his premiership.“ 

Commenting ALBA’s Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP continued: 

“Scotland has a mandate for a referendum and this prime minister is denying Scottish democracy. Meanwhile, Scotland is energy rich but half of our people are facing fuel poverty, it is perverse. No Tory Prime Minister has been elected by the people of Scotland in my lifetime and that will be the same for the next. 

Scotland’s voice will be heard and the people of Scotland will prevail. It’s time for independence.“ 

ALBA says NO to the Westminster Veto


Posted by Alba Party, July 22

RaLei Media interview with ALBA Party Leader and former First Minister of Scotland: Alex Salmond

Recorded at ALBA spring conference 2022

Watch them here, in response to being suspended