Convenor: Daniel Jack


"My name is Daniel Jack and I am honoured to be Convenor of Alba International Branch. I retired in 2018 after over 40 years in public service: as a civil servant and a diplomat. During my career I worked with both the Party Leader and Deputy Leader in delivering a range of government policies. 


I firmly believe that the only way in which Scotland can become independent is by having someone leading us on that journey who has the right skills, knowledge and political acumen.  That person is Alex Salmond."

Vice Convenor: Maggie Chetty


Teacher, married, former Chair of Communist Party of Scotland, ex-director race equality in West of Scotland. Long-standing anti apartheid activist, republican, independista and proud mother of two gorgeous gals!


Secretary: Andy McColl


I've been a long time lefty (since as far back as I can remember), having been indoctrinated by my father. (Sometimes I wish he'd kept me ignorant all those years ago!). Campaigned for a left-wing party in the 79 election, and was at the count at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow aged 16. Realised in the 97 election that the UK (I prefer to call it the disUK) would never again vote in a leftist party (the majority of the English having been bribed over to the side of the establishment by Thatcher et al), and that the only chance to create a progressive political landscape in Scotland was to escape the Union first.

Joined the SNP and campaigned vigorously for them, especially in 2014. Worked with Rise at the time, to get the word out to the generally disenchanted and disinterested youth. Thought that Alex S had made a masterstroke after the indyref handing the reins to Sturgeon. 7 years of increasing disappointment with the lack of direction on indy almost broke my resolve, but Alex coming back to relight the fire of the diehards in the movement sparked me into life again.
I live in the SW of France (It's a long story, involving falling in love. Twice!) It's not the kind of socialist country I'd prefer, but it's certainly socially aware and offers hope that a modern western capitalist country CAN be socially cohesive and not follow the Anglo-Saxon model that England will not turn its back on in the next 50 years. When Scotland finally DOES regain its independence, I look forward to heading back to help Scots create the better country it will become. My son (also Alex) is studying at St Andrew's Uni, and my fight is for him and the future for all our progeny. He is, of course, with us in spirit, although his studies come first right now. In the meantime, I do what I can from here.

David Barrie Grieve


Born at Craigtoun. Brought up in Buckhaven & Methil.

Went to Methil, Aberhill & Kirkland schools.

First jobs were delivering newspaper, stacking shelves in a supermarket and working for 'The Arts in Fife' as a Community Arts Worker and as a Stage Manager.

After having sung as an amature, including operetta, opera and concerts, joined the Edinburgh Festival Chorus and was occasional rehearsal soloist for symphonic vocal works and oratorios. This led to going on to study 'music', 'singing' & 'teaching singing' at the RSAMD in Glasgow from 1981, with a post graduate course at the RSAMD Opera School from 1984.

Worked for 27 years as a professional opera singer, starting in Scotland before moving to Switzerland in 1991. Stopped working in 2009, after becoming permanently disabled and a wheelchair user, because of Multiple Sclerosis.

Interested in politics from the age of 17, particularly because of the European Movement and the Campaign for a Scottish Assembly. After inquiring about joining the SNP, but not getting a reply, briefly joined the SDP (while it existed) and Chaired Fife Young Social Democrats.

Came back to politics and joined the SNP in 1998, but became disillusioned because of a lack of progress towards Scottish Independence and resigned after 23 years.

Joined the ALBA Party when it formed in 2021.

Currently a committee member of the International Branch.

Organiser: Raimond Dijkstra


Raimond is a Dutch national, living in The Hague. He joined the SNP right after the 2014 referendum. Because he wanted to do something for the fight for Scottish independence. Joined online groups aswell, amongst  which, the Scottish Resistance. And in 2016, he founded Netherlands for Scottish independence. And in april of 2017, he organised the first march and rally for Scottish independence in The Hague in the Netherlands. And has organised one every year since then. The last 3 years in a virtual manner, due to the covid situation.


In 2021 he left the SNP and joined ALBA, after being asked to be the point person for ALBA international Branch, which he gladly accepted.

Dave Maclean


Hi , really glad that you have taken the time to have a look at our website. I hope you find it informative.

I joined Alba in 2021 as I felt that Alba was a party of Independence that genuinely wanted to create a better and more radical Scotland.

Prior to that I was a long-term member of the SNP .

Away from politics I work as a lecturer, mostly criminology and a writer .

Gordon Millar


I voted for the SNP in the 70s and 80s, when most of my friends thought that this was a rather eccentric thing to do. But then my work moved me to London and I gradually lost interest until this was rekindled by the 2014 referendum.

I joined the SNP in 2014 and subsequently spent four years on the London Branch committee, two of them as Political Education Officer. I regularly attended conferences and travelled from London to Edinburgh to campaign in the 2017 and 2019 elections. I spent 2021 as a member of the Party's Policy Development Committee.
However, despite this, I became increasingly disillusioned with the SNP and their reluctance to take any meaningful action. This culminated at the 2021 Holyrood elections when my rather robust criticism of the SNP's attitude towards the emergence of Alba, the gerrymandering of leadership favourites as candidates and the blatant dishonesty of the Both Votes SNP campaign made remaining in the London Branch untenable.

My membership of the SNP finally ended when I was suspended for making tweets (which were never specified) casting doubts on the commitment of some members (who were never identified!)

I subsequently joined Alba where I have found a party that not only believes in independence, but believes in acting to bring this about. Alba has revived my belief, not just in independence, but that we might actually achieve it.